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Why would a Terminal Operator Help My Business?

Let’s start with the legal definition. According to the Illinois Video Gaming Act, “”Terminal operator” means an individual, partnership, corporation, or limited liability company that is licensed under this Act and that owns, services, and maintains video gaming terminals for placement in licensed establishments, licensed truck stop establishments, licensed large truck stop establishments, licensed fraternal establishments, or licensed veterans’ establishments.

We are your terminal operator because we purchase the video gaming machines, place them in your licensed locations, and make sure they are running smoothly. But we are more than just your terminal operator; we also offer a variety of marketing solutions for your business. We have a staff of marketers and designers ready to bring your ideas to life.

To summarize, terminal operators like ourselves provide high quality video games machines and ensure that you a well versed in the legal guidelines for using them. We perform regular maintenance checks on your machines and are on standby in case anything goes wrong. We are also here to keep you informed about the latest industry news and regulations with you as they are developed.

We understand video gaming in and out and are here to offer our expertise to all of our customers. This knowledge helps us inform your marketing campaigns as well to ensure we are getting the highest success rate possible.

If you have any further questions about what terminal operators are or how they can affect your business, please speak with our team today by emailing us at


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