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Attract New Players with Signage

Signage is one of the most important tools to connect with customers. It not only attracts customers from the street and draws them into the location, but also communicates sales or promotions, spurs purchases, and directs customers where to go. Here are some tips we have for your establishment’s signage:

1. Be Clear – Present a clear message throughout all of your signage so your message is understood right away by your customer.

2. Look Down – Some locations have success with floor decals to promote sales or lead them to the game room.

3. Back of your Building – Do trucks or guests ever park in the back of your establishment? That area is a great place to send a message and let them know what you have to offer inside.

4. Outdoor Signage – Let those passing by know what you have to offer inside in order to draw them in form the parking lot or road.

5. Use the Bathrooms – Don’t forget that bathroom stalls are a great place to hang small posters. When someone is in the stall, your message has a captive audience.

6. Advertise your Promotions – When running a promotion, be sure that your guests know about it. Hang a poster and make a post on social to spread the word.

7. Pump Toppers – Are you a truck stop? Consider advertising your game room with pump toppers in order to bring a visitors inside to see what you have to offer.

8. Table Tents – Inexpensive table tents are a great way to remind your dining guests that you have a game room they can visit.


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