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How to Repurpose Cash-out Vouchers to Promote Gaming

To the savvy business owner, cash-out vouchers are more than just slips of paper that winners use. They’re also excellent promotional tools!

Get creative with those cash-out vouchers, use them to promote the games at your location, and attract new players. ME Gaming has provided each of our locations with a bucket that can be used to collect these discarded tickets. They should be easy to collect and repurpose.

Below are our tips on how to put those discarded cash-out vouchers to use for your business.

Post Photos & Videos on Social Media

Posting images on social media of your big winners proudly showing off their cash-out vouchers is an excellent way to bring attention to your games. Be sure to tag ME Gaming in your post and we will share it with our followers as well. Posting these winning ticket images regularly may encourage guests to come on over and try their luck!

Take this idea a step further and post a video of the winner and the excitement surrounding the big win and cash-out.

**Note: Always ask the winner if they are comfortable having their face shared on the internet. We advise posting large winner posts at least 24 hours after the win for the safety of the winner.

Provide a “Ticket Tips” Bucket

A “Ticket Tips” Bucket is an excellent way for your staff to make a little extra cash and keep guests engaged with your games. Often, cash-out vouchers pay out less than a dollar and you’d be surprised by how many players don’t bother cashing them out. Instead of letting them go to waste, why not give them to the folks that help keep the business running day in and day out? At the end of the shift, have the employees split the cash-out vouchers bucket.

Promote a Ticket Donation Bucket

Following the same method as described above, you can put those unredeemed vouchers toward a charity of your choice. In fact, a permanent Ticket Donation Bucket is a fantastic way to promote generosity every month of the year!

Again, small tickets are usually what makes it into the bucket as people don’t bother cashing out small wins from video slot and gambling machines. However, every once in a while, you’re bound to have a generous do-gooder that’s willing to hand out their big win for a good cause. This gives players another great reason to play at your establishment.

Create a ‘Wall of Fame’

A ‘Wall of Fame’ is an excellent idea for gaming establishments to feature some of their biggest winners. Simply pin the winning tickets to a cork board, tape them to the wall, hang them on a string, etc. Proudly display those big wins, sit back, and watch as curiosity draws potential new players in to check out the dollar amounts others have claimed while playing at your location. Your ‘Wall of Fame’ will surely catch the eyes of guests and gamers alike, encouraging them to take a spin too!

Being proactive and using the cash-out vouchers at your establishment is a simple but effective way to send a positive message to the right people. Winning tickets show that your machines are hot as well as let potential gamers know that your location had some big winners and they could be next!


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