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Lowering Your Reoccurring Expenses

In this unique time, we know finances can be tight. With no gaming income, limited or no food and drink profits, your bottom line might be smaller than normal.

One of your greatest hurdles are reoccurring expenses. This would be things like your electric, cable, internet, gas, garbage, linens, etc. There may be ways to lower these costs during the Shelter-in-Place order.

It is worth calling your vendors to see if you can get a discount on your service for a few months. Some companies are even offering to prorate costs or change your subscription to the minimal amount for a few months. Most companies are willing to work with you during these challenging times.

Giving a discount benefits both you and the utility company. They may offer you the option to discount or pause service rather than canceling only to restart again in a few weeks. There may even be an additional set up fee when you are ready to start back up again so be sure to ask before canceling any services.

The basic rule of thumb is that it can’t hurt to ask.


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