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How to let Customers Know That You are Open

With so many businesses remaining closed after this global pandemic, it is important to let customers know that you are still open and thriving. Here are some of our tips for spreading the word:

Post a message on your website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts letting your customers know that you are open. This is the best way to reach your dedicated customers.

Place an ad online. Reaching your audience online is a powerful tool for spreading the word to customers who do not already follow you on social.

Outdoor Signage is a great way to demonstrate that you are open to those who are passing by your establishment. Consider adding banners or feather flags to draw the attention of those driving by.

Updated Curb Appeal. Any changes on the outside of your building is a great way to draw the attention of those who drive by regularly by may have never noticed your business before. A new coat of paint, neon signs, or newly designed window decals can be a great start.

Our marketing team is here to assist you with any of these methods of communication and advertising. Please reach out to them to get started.


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