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Boost your Business with Video Slots!

Slot machines have evolved from a rolling reel to a high definition digital screen. And now they are being featured in more and more business across the Midwest.

It’s not just the new technology in these machines that is drawing the attention of bars and restaurants, there are so many benefits when adding video slots to your establishment. Below, we discuss the top 3 benefits of adding video slots to your business:

Increase Revenue

It is not secret that adding video slots can increase your business revenue. Just is another form of sales outside of the food or beverages you already sell. With 32.57% of all profits coming back to your business, it is hard to ignore. Plus adding video slots adds an exciting environment to your establishment resulting in more food and drink being ordered.

Increase Diversity

The demand for gaming is as diverse as the demand for food and drinks. The demographic of those who are seeking good food and beverages overlaps with the demographic of those who want to play video gaming machines. However, it does not overlap 100%. Meaning that adding video slots can appeal to your existing customers and bring in new ones.

Stream of Income

By adding video slots to your business, you are providing an opportunity for regular players to come visit your establishment frequently. You will now have 2 types of regular customers: the ones who come in for the food and drink, and the ones who come in to play your gaming machines. Both of them combined is going to result in a steady stream of income for your business.

To learn more about what video slots can do for your business or to learn how to get started today, please contact our team at


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