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5 Easy Ways to Keep your VGTs Running Smoothly

Our team is trained to identify red flags when it comes to the functionality and issues with your VGTs. That is why we stress the importance of preventative maintenance. If you think you are experiencing an issue, please let us know right away so we can identify the cause and secure a solution before things get any worse or your VGTs are down longer than necessary.

Below are 5 easy tips that can extend the functionality of your VGTs.

Regular check ins – These check ins from our team are designed to keep the machines running smoothly and identify issues early.

Ideal locations – When deciding where your VGTs will live in your establishment, keep the elements in mind. You want to be sure that your VGTs are free of any moisture exposure. This means placing your VGTs away from any frequently opened doors that would allow rain and snow to slip in, any drippy AC units, or the bar or kitchen areas where they might be splashed.

Keep it Clean – One of the easiest ways to prevent long term issues is to keep your VGTs clean. Regularly clean off any sticky build up from drinks or any dust that accumulates. Ensuring that your machines are wiped down and kept clean is an easy way to ward off issues in the future.

Let Them Breathe – All of your VGTs have vents or grates that allow the machine to cool itself. It is important to make sure that these vents remain free of dust and are not covered by posters or holiday decorations.

Contact Us – Most importantly, if you suspect one of your VGTs is not functioning properly, reach out to us right away and we will send a team member out to investigate. You can reach our Service Team at 309-724-8395.

These 5 simple strategies can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your machines running smoothly.


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