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4 Benefits to Adding Slots to Your Business

You may have noticed the wave of video gambling that has hit the Midwest over the last few years. More and more establishments are introducing video slot terminals into their business and once you read the reasons below you will clearly understand why so many businesses are getting onboard with video slots.

Increase Visitors

It’s no secret that when an establishment has new elements or features, customers are interested in visiting. Adding video slots to your business is bound to draw in all sorts of new visitors. Putting up signage that advertises the new games along with word mouth will certainly help get the message out and draw in new customers.

Loyal Customers

Adding slots to your business can easily create loyal customers as some players are interested in gaming nearly every day. By catering to these players, you are bound to create visitors who not only stop by regularly but are a champion for your business and spread the word about the great business you offer. Our ME Gaming app can help with this as well, by offering regular players a chance to earn points that can be redeemed for prizes. When a player is eager to win a particular prize, they will be encouraged to come to your establishment regularly to earn more points toward their goal.

Promotional Events

When you have video gaming in your establishment you can host a variety of events that bring in both players and spectators. Events as simple as themed nights, food or drink specials, and promotional activates can draw in new and regular customers. Through these types of events, you are making the players feel special by creating events around them, and therefore, more players and spectators are going to be in your establishment to purchase food and drinks. Everyone wins!

Additional Revenue

But the bottom line is, video slot terminals do more than attract customers to your establishment – they make you money! The proceeds from these gaming machines get split between the state, your terminal operator, and your location. 32.57435% of the earnings goes straight to your business. Many struggling businesses are able to stay afloat with the help of slot terminals and already thriving businesses are earning even more green!


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