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3 Ways to Retain Customers During this Pandemic

While social distancing may be great for public health, it can be damaging to small businesses. Foot traffic has dropped steeply, inside dining is non-existent, gaming machines have been turned off. Many business owners are worried that the impact of COVID-19 will be deeper and longer-lasting than anticipated. As a result, businesses in every industry are looking for ways to retain their customers during the coronavirus lockdown. Here are some tips to keep your customers engaged from a distance.

Communicate with Your Customers

The situation is evolving rapidly, and no one is quite sure what news each day will bring. Customers can empathize with merchants facing a crisis, as long as you communicate with them properly. Let your customers know if you’re changing your hours, adjusting your menu, offering delivery, and communicate which steps you’re taking to keep your employees and work environment safe and clean.

Promote Gift Cards

Gift cards provide you with an immediate infusion of cash and guarantee that a customer will return to your business in the future. Use social media to inform all of your followers that you offer gift cards and that they make a great gift for their loved ones.

Go Live

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your followers in real time. Show them some of your lunch specials or the efficiency of your curbside pick-up process. Your followers get a notification about your video; and if you time it right, their mouths might be watering just in time for their next meal. These may be trying times, but we know they won’t last forever. Stay connected with your customers so you can welcome them back with open arms. Use the tips above to remain close with your followers.


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