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Legislative Updates 06/03/2019 – New Changes

The Illinois Congress has approved sweeping changes to the gaming industry. One of the more significant changes is to the State taxes, as seen below:

Additionally there were changes to the number of VGTs, betting size, IGB Agents, Casinos, and Track and Sports Betting. Please read on for a quick bullet list of updates.

**PLEASE NOTE: After speaking with Congressional Leadership this morning, they have relayed that these changes will take effect as soon as the Governor signs the Senate Bill 690. However, the IGB will have to write rules and policies to allow for the 6 and 10 machine changes.

Increase of VGTs and Bets

  • Every Establishment is now eligible for a 6th gaming machine.

  • Truck Stop Licensees that sell 50,000 or more gallons of diesel fuel per month and are 3 miles from an interstate exit are now eligible for 10 machines.

  • Max bet was increased from $2 to $4.

  • Max win per bet was increased from $500 to $1,199.

  • In-House Jackpot Progressive, up to $10,000 (more details to come).

IGB Agents

  • State Agents are no longer required for a majority of repairs, new installations, and swapping VGTs which should minimize the amount of time a machine is down at your establishments.

Casino News

  • All current/existing casinos will be allowed to increase their machine count from 1200 to 2000 machines.

  • The State also approved 6 new Casinos. • City of Chicago: Up to 4000 machines

    • Waukegan, Rockford, Danville, Carbondale, and undisclosed South suburb of Chicago: Up to 2000 machines each

Track and Sports Betting

  • All Racetracks will now be able to have up to 1200 machines on site.

  • Sports betting will be allowed at casinos, racetracks, and pro sports venues (or within a certain distance).


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