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Hosting a Benefit

Many establishment host benefits and ME Gaming wants to make sure that our customers are abiding by the law of Illinois. This article gives you some basic guidelines to follow when considering hosting a benefit.

The Illinois Gaming Board closely monitors all forms of gambling and therefore it is very important that you educate yourself on the laws of Illinois to know and understand what is allowed within your establishments. 

Benefits are a great way to help others and generally are conducted to raise funds. Listed below is a quick list of what are some legal and illegal ways to host a benefit at your establishment. These lists are NOT comprehensive but are meant to give you some general guidelines.


  1. Raffles of any kind – see #4 in legal section

  2. Casino nights

  3. Poker or any form of card tournaments

  4. No free alcohol giveaways


  1. Selling donated items. It is perfectly legal to sell items that are donated whether that is via a silent auction, live auction or priced to sell.

  2. Charging a fee to get in the door to watch a band.

  3. Asking for donations for the cause you are supporting.

  4. Having a registered non-for-profit organization (VFW, American Legion, etc.) host a raffle for you with a legal raffle license. The non-for-profit is free to donate any proceeds to your benefit.

  5. Skilled games tournaments (bags, darts, etc.) – ask for more details

  6. Giveaway free non-alcoholic beverages and food

  7. Host a 5K run with an entry fee

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact ME Gaming at 309-724-8395.

**Please note these are guidelines and general information.  We are not lawyers and suggest that if you have specific questions that you consult your gaming lawyer or contact the IGB for clarification.


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