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Charitable Games Act in Illinois

The content of this blog is in no way legal advice. The intension of this article is to provide the reader with helpful information. Before your organization proceeds with any type of games of chance we recommend speaking to your legal counsel.

In order to participate in Bingo, Raffles or other charitable games the organization must qualify as a non-profit organization under any part of section 501 of the IRS Code. Illinois law does not allow for the occasional promotion, only registered non-for-profits may conduct games.

There are four (4) separate acts linked to non-for-profits in Illinois:

A license may be required from the State of Illinois Revenue Department for non-for-profit organizations wanting to participate in certain Charitable Gaming. Forms and additional information can be found at: For additional questions you can contact the Illinois Revenue Department at 1-217-785-5864.

In addition to a State license non-for-profit organizations are also required to get a license from the County in which the organization is based. Your group will need to reach out to the County Administrator’s Office for more information and licensing information.

*This blog is meant to provide helpful information but is in no way meant to interpret the law or provide legal advice. We are not lawyers. If you have specific questions you should speak to law enforcement agencies or your attorney.


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