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Change in Officers – Now what do I do??

As election season begins, ME Gaming would like to share the important steps that must be followed when there is a change in officers. This can apply to clubs, fraternal organizations, veteran organizations, businesses or any entity that has officers.

The Illinois Gaming Board video gaming license must be up-to-date at all times in order to comply with the laws of the State of Illinois.

When should I contact ME Gaming? If a currently listed officer on the video gaming license is changing, ME Gaming must be notified immediately upon election of the new officer or vacated position.

Why do I need to contact ME Gaming? By law, the application on file with the Illinois Gaming Board must be up to date to remain compliant. If the license is not updated, the establishment could lose their license or receive a fined.

What information should I be prepared to provide? To begin the process, be prepared to provide the position-elect’s name, position title and contact information. The licensing specialist will walk you through each step to ensure that there is a seamless transition of positions.

Who should I contact at ME Gaming? You can call ME Gaming at 309-724-8395 and ask for our licensing specialist.


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