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Staying Connected with your Customers During Coronavirus

Many of our clients are no longer able t to welcome their customers into their establishments. With COVID-19, restaurants are limited to curbside pickup or delivery, all gaming machines have been disabled, and they are missing out on seeing their regulars every day.

One of the ways you have not been limited when it comes to communicating with your customers is through social media. During this uncertain time, frequency and consistency are needed when communicating with your patrons. You can post on social media multiple times a day to let your customers know about your latest updates, specials, and announcements. Use social media to not only keep your customers educated but engage with them as well.

Below are a few ways that you can use social media to its fullest potential during the Coronavirus pandemic:

  • Daily Food Specials – Let your followers know about your daily/weekly special. Get their mouths watering!

  • Polls and Questions – Ask what your followers’ favorite menu items are or what they are most looking forward to after quarantine. Show that you value their answers.

  • Giveaways – Consider giving away a free appetizer to one of your followers every day or week. They will likely buy more. This will get people involved and eager to be a winner.

  • Announcements – Your customers will be eager to hear about your reopen date, extended hours, and more.

  • Anecdotes – Did something funny happen in the kitchen today? Did a regular walk his dog to come pick up his carry out order? Did you provide a meal to a hospital or care takers? Share those incredible stories with your audience.

  • Delivery/Carry-out/3rd Party Delivery Options – Let your customers know what options they have when it comes to still getting your tasty offerings.

  • Testimonials – When you get a good review or a compliment from a client share it on social media.

Not only will staying connected on social media keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds, but it may even boost your sales by indirectly advertising your current services.


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