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Prizes to Giveaway During Your Summer Promotion

The summer is the perfect time to reach out to your community and try to obtain new customers, reconnect with occasional visitors, and solidify your relationship with your regulars. One of the best ways to reach all 3 demographics is through a giveaway or promotion. Offering prizes to your customers who enter is a great way to get people excited.

Below are some ideas for Summer Giveaway prizes:

  • Grill

  • Meat from a local butcher for the BBQ

  • Tumblers and Drink Glasses

  • Pool Floaties

  • Cooler

  • Tent

  • Firepit

In order to have a successful promotion, you will need to be sure to advertise it in a variety of methods for an appropriate amount of time. Our clients have advertised their promotions through direct mail pieces, radio ads, on your social media, with posters, table tents, newspaper ads, or radio ads. Through our experience, we have founding using at least 3 forms of the methods listed below were most successful, any less than 3, your giveaway may not get the necessary amount of attention.

After choosing what methods of advertising you want to do, the next step is to figure out the length of your promotion. We recommend no less than 3 weeks, but don’t hesitate to advertise this event for 6-10 weeks. The longer your promotion, the more engagement, and the larger the prizes can be!


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