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How to Use Facebook to The Highest Potential

During this pandemic, social media is the most efficient and affordable way to keep in touch with your customers. Many businesses are using social media to keep their patrons updated on the latest changes, their daily specials, the addition of curbside pick up and more. Below are a few tips on how to use Facebook to its highest potential.

  • Show Images – It is a fact that social posts which contain an image get more attention than those without. Consider sharing images of your food or drink specials. Get people’s mouths watering!

  • Go Live – Going live on Facebook is a great way to show your customers what the line is like, what outdoor seating you have available, how busy your kitchen is and so much more. If you are unfamiliar with how to Go Live on Facebook, check out this quick video –

  • Post Your Number – If you offer curbside pick up, remind your followers what number to call. Don’t be afraid to post your phone number once a week. It is nice to keep it handy for all of your followers to find.

  • Delivery Options – If you offer delivery options that can make getting your food and drinks easy for your customers, shout it proudly! Post about your delivery options on your Facebook page. You can even use the Free Use Images we have available on your Facebook page to spread your message.

  • Current Specials – Having a daily or weekly special is something that will make customers feel like this deal or this menu item is only available for a limited time and they need to visit quickly. Be sure to share images and a description of your special so your followers know to act fast!

  • Large Order –Many people are buying a meal for an entire hospital department, their current staff, or for other first responders. If you can accommodate these types of orders, be sure to let your customers know.

  • Philanthropy – If your business is involved in helping first responders in any way, share it! Are you offering discounts to essential workers? Did someone buy 50 pizzas for the local hospital? Are you offering free lunches to children in need? Anything you are doing to support your community should be shared on social.

Social media is one of your biggest assets right now. We encourage you to use it to its fullest potential.


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