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How to Get More Online Reviews

In this day and age, online reviews are more important than ever. With potential customers Googling your establishment before they come to visit, they are able to see your location, photos of your establishment, and customer review.

Not only do customer review appear on a quick search for your restaurant, but they can also be used as great marketing materials. A good review can be posted on your social media account, shared on your company website, or even written on the chalkboard in your location. If you are not already collecting, saving, and sharing these reviews, you might be missing out on a free form of marketing and self-promotion.

Here are our tips for getting more online reviews.

Step 1: We recommend searching the internet to see if you already have some reviews. Try looking at Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, and Yelp. If there are already some good reviews there already, feel free to use those in your marketing right away!

Step 2: Determine where you want to collect new reviews. If you are going to start asking for more reviews, you will need to decide where you want to send your customers to leave their review. This also makes it easier for you to know where to look when you want to analyze and document the latest reviews.

Step 3: Start asking! The most reliable way to get reviews is to ask for them! Below are some of the ways that we recommend asking for reviews:

  • Talk to your regulars, the people who you know already love your business, and ask them to leave their thoughts online.

  • Share a link on social media for where your followers can go to leave raving comments.

  • Add a QR code to the bottom of your receipts so that customers can visit your reviews page directly after they have finished with their experience.

  • Print stickers with QR codes on them for your delivery and carry out boxes. This makes it easy to leave a review even for the customers that don’t spend extended time in your establishment but love what you have to offer.

  • Offer a prize for those who leave a review. Post on your social media channels that you are hosting a promotion for anyone that leaves a 5-star review on a certain platform during a certain time frame. Anyone who leaves a review will be entered to win a prize.

Regardless of how you choose to collect your online reviews, it is important to keep them documented for future reference. And be sure to put them to good use! Share them on social media, print them on fliers, and scream them from the roof tops! Brag about how much your customers love your business!


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