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How to Advertise your Promotion

When you run a promotion with us, it is in your best interest to get the most participants as possible. More entries mean more players. More participants mean more reach. More play means more revenue.

Our team can help provide you with tools to advertise your promotion at any budget. Below are some of our favorite promo marketing strategies.

Mailer – We know that mailers are the most effective form of marketing a promotion. They reach customers in your community or outside of your community directly in their mailbox. These mailers can communicate all the details of your promotion, encourage an extra entry, incentivizes visitors with a coupon, and more. Plus, the return on investment (ROI) is easily tracked if the coupons or entry cards are saved.

Poster – Hanging poster inside of your gaming area is a great way to teach customers about your new promotion. The poster will express the details and feature the prize(s). When running a promotion with ME Gaming, we always include a poster in your promo package.

Social Media – Never underestimate the power of social media. It is a great way to reach current customers, new players, and all their friends. When running a promo with us, we can provide you a digital copy of your poster for you to share online. However, posting once at the beginning of you promotion may not be enough. We recommend promoting your event regularly. Share the image of the poster, post photos of the games and winning tickets, and share a photo of the promo winner with their prize. Let your followers know that they could be next!

Marquee - Do you have a marquee or letterboard outside of your establishment?? Use it! Let those driving by know that you are hosting a promotion and they could have a chance to win your grand prize if they stop in.

Website Header – If you have access to your business’s website, consider adding a popup, light box, or header letting people know what you’re offering. Some businesses choose to manage the website themselves and other choose to hire a third party to help with their website needs. No matter what your situation is, we recommend speaking with your website team and figuring out if you can add this type of notification onto your homepage.

Staff – Your staff are invaluable to your business and the same goes for promotion of your events. Inform your staff of the details of your promotion and train them to inform customers about the opportunity to win. This word-of-mouth technique is affordable, reliable, and reaches the customers while they are already in the best location to participate.

For more tips on how to advertise your promotion, reach out to your account representative. They are always there to help!


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