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Friendly Reminder: Review Your Website Often

You and your team put a lot of effort into building a beautiful website for your business. But it is important to remember that the work doesn’t end when the website launches. It is important to review all the content on your website regularly to ensure your website evolves with your business and is as accurate as possible.

Some items to review are:

Hours – Many establishments’ hours change throughout the year, and a pandemic can certainly force you to adjust your hours. Make sure they are listed accurately on your website.

Address – Are you still in the same spot? You need to be sure customers know where to find you.

Menu – Do you have any new items on your menu that need to be added to your website? Do you have any old items that need to be removed?

Events – Do you host an events, promotions, or celebrations? Be sure to list those on your website so your customers have the correct information. Additionally, if you have an events space available for rent, be sure to feature those details on your website as well.

Gaming – Did you mention gaming on your website? Many people will check out a website before coming to visit your location. Be sure you are listing all your services including your state-of-the-art gaming area.

Social Links – An easy way to earn more followers on social is to link from your website to where a customer can follow you on social. Be sure those links are working correctly.

Your website is sometimes the first impression a customer has of your business. It is important to ensure that all of the information is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.


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