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Emphasizing Digital Marketing at Your Gaming Establishment

We know it may sound scary but adding digital marketing to your existing marketing plan doesn’t have to be a challenge! There are many small steps you can take to encourage your customers to interact with you in the digital world.

Encourage Patrons to Write Reviews

Positive reviews for your small business can be a huge factor in your digital marketing plan. Whenever you have a successful interaction with a customer, try asking them to leave a review of your business on Facebook or Google. Additionally, you can create small signs or posters in your establishment reminding customers about how vital positive customer reviews can be to a small business like yours. Your customers will want to help you out!

Get New Followers

The key to gaining followers on social media is to try to get them offline. We require the human interaction in order to feel compelled to follow a new account. Train your staff to encourage patrons to follow you on social for the latest updates. You can also put a small line on the bottom of your menus discussing where customers can find out more information about your establishment online. If you want to get more advanced, our team can create posters or napkin holders with QR codes that lead directly to your social media pages. The more accessible your social pages are, the more likely a customer is to follow you.

Post Regularly

While having a social media page is a great step, just having the page is not enough. The key to social media is engagement. You will need to post regularly from your business page in order to keep your followers connected and interested in your business. Consider posting your specials, the latest menu addition, cash-out vouchers from big winners, any new updates or announcements, and much more. Staying active on social media means that you are staying visible on your followers’ news feeds. When a potential customer sees the mouthwatering image of your sandwich special on their feed, they are more likely to come in for a meal and stay for the video gaming.If you want to explore digital marketing further, talk with you Account Executive for ways to get started.


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