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6 Photo Ideas to Post on Your Social Media Pages

A photo says a thousand words, and it’s just about the same when it comes to social media. Posts that contain photos tend to get more views and more engagement than posts with just text. Plus, for businesses, those photos can be used to populate your Yelp and Google Reviews pages. Therefore, it is more important than ever to be sure that the photos on your social media pages and website are good quality and show a variety of aspects of your business.

Below are 6 ideas for pictures you can use on social media and your website to represent your business:

1. Food – This probably seems obvious, but if you serve food, be sure to post photos of it online to get your customers’ mouths watering.

2. Cocktails – Craft cocktails and local beers are very trendy right now. Snap a picture of the drink-of-the-day or your specialty cocktail to share with all of your followers. Bonus points if you add vibrant garnishes or fun coasters.

3. Interior Design – Ambiance is important for a new visitor. Share photos of the inside of your business online so that new customers can get a taste of what their experience at your establishment would be like.

4. Games – People love to see what forms of entertainment you have to offer. Be sure to show off photos of your gaming area with the games fully lit and shining. Let your customers know where they can come to win big!

5. Events – If you’re hosting an event, be sure to share photos from the fun night online. Not only does this show guests that you are a popular stop, but it also demonstrates that you are capable of hosting large groups for all types of events.

6. Customers – Highlight some of your regulars by posting photos of them enjoying your business, with their permission of course. Share their story about how long they’ve been coming to your business or which dishes are their favorite. Plus tagging the guest in your post will likely increase engagement.

Regular, interesting posts are the key to keeping your social feeds engaging for your followers. Posting photos is a great way to do that. Be sure to tag @ME Gaming in your posts featuring your slot machines, winning tickets, and more. We love to see what you’re posting!


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