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5 ways to collect customer contact info

Customer contact information is incredibly valuable when it comes to marketing and reaching out to your patrons. Some companies pay up to $10 per contact in order to get information on their clients. But there is no need for you to pay those steep prices for information when there are much easier ways of collecting that data.

Here are 5 ways we recommend collecting your customer contact information to use for future marketing campaigns:

  1. Online form – Create a form on your website where visitors can input their information in order to stay up to date on the latest news from your business

  2. Offer email exclusives – consider sending out a monthly or quarterly email that contains a special offer or coupon that only those on the email list will receive. That will be incentive for more people to use the online form in order to get rewarded.

  3. Punch cards – We can help you create a custom player loyalty card with areas for the player to fill in their information. When the punch card is full, they will have to turn it in to your staff to redeem their prize. That card can be kept and added to your contact list.

  4. Promotion – When you run a sweepstakes promotion, all entries must write their name, phone number, and email address on the entry card. At the end of your promotion, ME Gaming will collect all the entry cards and tabulate all the information for you. Not only will you receive a digital list of all of those who entered and their contact information, but you will also gain some insights on who your most loyal players are.

  5. Ask – Don’t underestimate the power of social media. If you make a post saying that anyone who private messages you their email address will be entered to win a prize (this can be anything from a free lunch to a t-shirt), you are bound to get some of your followers reaching out.

No matter which strategies you use for collecting your customers’ contact information, be sure to keep it all in an organized system. We would recommend something like an Excel spreadsheet. It is important to always keep this list up to date as you continue to collect information over time. And once you have a solid list together, reach out to the ME Gaming marketing team to learn how you can put those contacts to good use on your next marketing campaign.


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