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5 Things You Should be Including on your Website

You already have your video gaming business up and running, but now you need to polish up your website to ensure that it matches the atmosphere you have created in your physical space. We know that your website has a lot of live up to, which is why we have put together this short list of things to ensure you have included on your video gaming business website.

  1. Business Information – It may seem obvious, but your website is not as effective as it can be if you don’t share some of the basic information about your business. Visitors will need to know where to find your video gaming business and what other services you offer. It wouldn’t hurt to add any interesting facts like history of the building you are occupying or if you serve food.

  2. Hours – You want to be sure to advertise what days and hours you are open so that visitors can be sure to visit during your open hours. Adding hours will also help our ME Gaming Players App users know when they are allowed to check in to your establishment through our app.

  3. Gaming Services – We know that some players have preferences toward certain gaming cabients, so be sure to list the types of games you have available at your gaming establishment. Consider listing the number of VGTs you have as well to let visitors know that they won’t have to wait their turn to get playing.

  4. Photos – We encourage having photos of the inside of your establishment which can be used to convey environment and hook new visitors. Additionally, adding photos of the outside of your building can make it easy for identify your building from the road.

  5. Contact Information – Any new visitors to your website will need to know how to learn more. Be sure to add as many forms of contact information that you can. Address, phone number, email address, and don’t forget social media links. Anyone who has taken the time to research your business website will also be interested in following you a social media platform. Make finding you easy.

Some of these may seem obvious, but they can be easy to overlook when you a building a website and a new business. Talk to our team when you are ready to push more traffic to your new website. We have some marketing strategies that could help.


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